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Stacey's Precious Puppies 
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Include Your email and make sure to spell it correctly or you won't get a reply. And specify what your looking for. Most questions are answered here but I am happy to answer anything you would like to know.
Welcome to my site and I would love to help you find your new furry family member but I do have my way of doing things.  I'm easy to work with but I take this very seriously and I am very protective of my babie. I raise my puppies and Persian kittens in my nursery, they are handled and loved every day, I am with my puppies 7 days a week as I do this full time. My nursery is off limits to visitors, no matter who they are. I do not allow my puppies to be shown or handled prior to 8 wks of age. I make NO exceptions. I can send you pictures and you can put a deposit to reserve the puppy of your choice but they cannot be picked up before 8 wks of age. I do accept Paypal for deposits. Once a deposit is accepted and I place that baby on reserve for you, the deposit is non-refundable  except in the unfortunate case of someething unforeseen happens to the baby or that its not fit for sale. Once I place the baby of your choice on hold for you, I do not offer that baby to anyone else and  it is held for you any only you, that is the purpose of the deposit. It is your guarantee that the baby will be yours to take home.
I am extremely strict with my puppies to make sure they arent exposed to any viruses or anything and I can offer you a healthy puppy. 
Also I do provide pictures of the parents but I will no longer give "tours" or allow anyone around my adult dogs. These are also my babies to protect and keep safe. After years of trying to accomodate everyone, I now have my rules and I will not bend or break them. 
I am happy to answer any questions you may have so feel free to contact me. My babies do keep me pretty busy so it's easier for me to get to emails most of the time, so if you call and I'm not available, feel free to call back or email me. 


​UPDATE-  2020
I list any current puppies on this page and the Nursery page.
Contact me for more information.  You can use my Contact page, or email at
You can also call me at 229-649-6893 I am not always able to answer all the calls, so you can also text me at 706-615-9417 and make sure you let me know what your looking for. 

Puppies are sold as pets as pet prices. I do not guarantee breeding ability or show quality. At this age, they are babies and you cannot tell enough about them at this age to make those type of decisions. 
​*****Mini Schnauzers***
             Persian Kittens--No kittens currently, hoping for some before Christmas.
    Chihuahuas-no puppies

Sorry no Miniature Schnauzer puppies at this time.
Schnauzer baby Nursery 
All puppies are started on puppy pads, they have not been taken outside and I don't let visitors come and handle the babies so I know they have not been exposed to anything. I am VERY protective of my babies.   They each come with all paperwork and records, pics of parents and pedigrees. Plus a generous puppy starter pack so you can come and pick up your puppy  and you with have all the things you need to start with. You don't  have to run out and buy food.

Deposits are non-refundable
& SweetheartPersians
Cocoa  $1500